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About This Program

Congratulations. You have chosen to get your child off to a strong start in reading. This program is in line with the Common Core standards required in most states today.

This program attacks reading competence from several angles:

  • 1st: From the start, your child will build comprehension skills throughout the program.
  • 2nd: Your child will develop a firm grasp of the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.
  • 3rd: Your child will develop proficiency with the most common letter sounds required for beginning readers.
  • 4th: Your child will develop proficiency with the most common sight words required for beginning readers.
  • 5th: You child will apply these skills with listening exercises, reading exercises and quizzes throughout the training.

Each course starts out with a picture book that you read to your child. You then assist your child in taking the comprehension quiz–repeating as many times as needed to get a perfect score.

In the first course, your child will master their ABC’s. After mastering the ABC Assessment, they will be ready to continue to the next lessons in Phonics and Sight Words.

Your child will develop their Phonics and Sight Word skills and prepare to read their first story. The exercises include recordings of both the letters and the words to help your child master this skill. Mastering the phonics and sight word exercises is key toward your child’s success in reading the stories on their own.

Your Child’s first success will go a long way toward developing a love for reading. Your job here can not be overstated. Your saintly patients and gentle persuasiveness will pay awesome dividends when school starts. Your child will read 20 stories in this program. Finally, your child will take a comprehension quiz after each story, as many times as they need to get a perfect score.

The secret to success: Read Read Read and then Read some more!

After completing this program, make sure to take full advantage of your local library!

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