If you have ever heard the horror in a parent’s voice when they are told their child is being held back because they fail to read at grade level, you know why we are providing this service. Even if a struggling child makes it to the next grade, they most likely continue struggling as the bar is set higher and higher.

The Free Online Reading Program is an ongoing passion and creation of GOT Publishing Inc. Necessity being the mother of invention, we see a great need for preschool children to have quality cost-free access to reading readiness.

We are teachers, artists, performers, homemakers, thinkers and doers, but together, we are the answer to the vast majority of families who are not able to get their children off to the right start.

We are The Free Online Reading Program!

Parents have three choices:

One: be proactive. Use this program to make reading fun, right from the start.

Two: wait until there is a problem, and scramble to fix it.

Three: do nothing and hope for the best.

The pandemic of poverty throughout the world stems from the last decision. Because you are reading this, you are part of the most significant movement in history. Today, we choose to do something instead of nothing. We take the steep path because it is the right path. We don’t wait for politics to change the world. We transform the world by making our kids smarter than any other generation in history. These bright kids will do the right thing.

Our Mission

GOT Publications Inc.’s mission is to prepare children in pre-school for kindergarten by providing a free high-quality reading program.

Our Values

Our values stem from three words: Give Online Teaching.


Humanity’s evolutionary growth depends on properly nurturing and preparing our children to build and maintain a free and prosperous world. Selling quality education to the highest bidder is no way to spread knowledge and prosperity. We give today so that humanity flourishes in the future.


The online platform is ideal for giving the gift of reading to the most massive audience possible. As internet access grows, our free reading program will equally become more and more accessible.


Knowledge is power. Parents use the Free Online Reading Program to become their children’s teachers. Every parent knows the frustration of raising children. From changing diapers to teaching shoe tying, to helping their children with their homework, parents are expected to know it all. The Free Online Reading Program is like having a live-in teacher, guiding parents to successfully prepare their children for a lifelong love of reading.

Meet The Staff

Top Row:

Dawn Fitzpatrick (Editor), James Kovic (Assistant Editor), James East (Music)

Middle Row:

Brett Stokes (Art), Emily Banghart (Digital Art), Arlene Yates (Content Creator), Bob Summers (Music)

Bottom Row:

Jack Kovic (Design), Sharon Marshal (Props), Jo Anne Saunders (Producer)

Over the decades, Arlene Yates created dozens of children’s songs and classroom learning exhibit-shows. She has helped thousands of young people get their start in learning. Her concept of the Garden of Tomorrow still reverberates today, as her generosity continues to “grow”, helping young people get a great start in school.

Her concept is simple: Make learning fun.

Her five picture books, which help preschool children develop a love of reading, is our first stop in this program. Each book is accompanied with an exciting musical adventure video related to the story, as well as a quiz to test comprehension. The digital picture books are free. Physical copies of the books can be purchased, if desired. Book purchases are used to fund operation expenses only.

Next children learn the upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet. After they successfully complete the ABC assessment they are free to move on to the next lesson: Letter Sounds. Children are exposed to the sounds letters make as well as blending sounds to make words.

All of the lessons are accompanied by the record sounds of the letters and words they are learning. Children and parents have the right pronunciation throughout the program. We then expose the students to phrases, which are also accompanied by their corresponding sound recordings. Finally, everything comes together in a free beautifully illustrated phonics reader that exploits everything the student has studied.

The success each child has reading the phonics reader is directly correlated to the effort and repetition applied to the lesson. There are five lessons, five quizzes and five phonics readers for each course. There are four courses, all of which gently build reading skills successively.

Parents are provided with a copy of the common core requirements for kindergarten, so they may monitor their child for strength and weakness in specific areas. Successfully completing the four picture book/comprehension exercises, phonics lessons, 20 phonics readers plus quizzes, as well as checking off the common core requirements, will provide a very strong foundation for children entering kindergarten.